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0 Emission, 0 Noise, 0 Pollutants
Teiszmann PowerGliders are sustainably ecologically compatible.
They are 100% climate-neutral as they are operated by green electricity.

Extremely low operation costs
40 Euro cents/100 km,
maintenance costs 1.00 Euros /1.000km,
charging time 80% in 40 min.

High cruising range
Professor-e and V2-e are vehicles that have been developed for Teiszmann e-motors. Lightweight, low road resistance/aerodynamic resistance, regenerative braking and efficient motor activity and rechargeable batteries.
Cruising range 45-100 km (depending on battery)

High acceleration, high climbing ability
Lightweight (70Kg), through this the e-Motor reaches 10kg/Kw. The acceleration reaches three times the dynamics of petrol scooters. 22% climbing ability. The vehicles are electronically regulated as the traction is very high.

Comfort and Driving Safety
Consistent low balance points, state-of-the-art lightweight construction, optimised aerodynamics. Construction principles derived from racing car construction enable high efficiency and driving safety. Handling is intuitive.

Long life-cycle
200 parts are used in production versus 2000 in petrol scooters. High quality assurance in our own production enables a high life-cycle and low costs for spare parts.

Low charging times
80% in 40 min.