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Teiszmann Elektromotoren AG with headquarters in Baar, Switzerland, is dedicated to the development, construction and manufacture of electric motors and new vehicles. Teiszmann will come onto the market with 2 new innovative models. More will follow and development is also going on in adjacent mobility and motor segments.

The necessity of offering the vehicles market ecologically sensible and flawlessly functioning alternatives is the driving force for the founders of the company. Responsibility, biodiversity and emission reduction have been widely-spread themes; many companies are thinking about developments in a responsible way which pays attention to these aspects. The automotive industry is a leading branch for innovative, functionally excellent products. The founders of Teiszmann Elektromotoren AG have achieved the implementation of an innovation which will revolutionarise electric mobility. The priority lies on reducing emissions with unrestricted dynamics, a good cruising range and further development of the technology.

Expansion of the infrastructure for global dissemination is also planned with a sister company on the market.

The basis for all vehicles is the construction of the innovative Teiszmann e-motors.

The deployment advantages are manifold. The founders of Teiszmann have developed a unique position on the market of performance-capable, high quality e-vehicles. There is no motor on the market which can achieve this value:
--Cruising range scale, Speed--

Daniel T.K. Schneider

Director Construction
Thomas Wick