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Teiszmann AG is now founding distribution companies and according licensing contracts for a global presence in all leading markets up to 2011; there will be more up to 2012. Sales for Germany, Switzerland and Austria are incumbent on Teiszmann Elektromotoren AG, as well as the overall management and structure of sales and international marketing. All brands have been registered. The deployment and public presentation of these are strictly supervised.


Production volumes 2011 2012 2013
Production capacity2011:15.000 PowerGlider
2012:100.000 PowerGlider
2013:500.000 PowerGlider and other products

The market:
+ 62.61% new vehicle registrations in the scooter market could be recorded on average EU-wide in 2009 in Q1 and Q2 as compared to 2008 (adjusted to two-wheel motor vehicles). The market for scooters is booming.
Urban mobility on two wheels is a transport alternative to cars with many aspects. Operational and petrol costs, the search for parking spaces and traffic volumes are increasing disproportionately. Scooters are a lot of fun especially in springtime. This market segment of mobility is an excellent booster for the economy. Against every negative forecast for the economy, scooters are recording two-figure sales growth because they solve mobility problems at the grass-roots level. An enormous potential that has opened up for Teiszmann products. As the Teiszmann scooters eliminate the last remaining truly negative aspects of driving scooters: zero emission, noise and pollutants. A new driving feel gives the driver a soft and confident glide.
With a high cruising range, very good acceleration and excellent dynamics, all criteria have been fulfilled. The trend towards scooters is no temporary fad; it’s a real alternative to cars.

Target groups
I.  Singles and families taken from the middle range as regards net household income 20 - 29 and 30-39 years old (accumulated according to new vehicle registrations)
II. 40-49 years old
For this age group, a second or third vehicle with an efficient sustainable basis for quick errands and uncomplicated moving about and fun in everyday city life.
III. 16-20 years old
Represents a proportionally low market according to volume, is very high however as regards affinity and pleasure in their first own means of transport. The new generation of mobile people will be introduced to electric vehicles as a priority, and brand loyalty will be achieved.